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SugarCube 3D Scanner, Powered By SoundFit
SoundFit’s new SugarCube™ 3D scanning service is a cost effective solution for streamlining many earpiece-manufacturing workflows. At costs of $5/scan it is cheaper than Overnight shipping, and your model is delivered to your manufacturer in minutes, not days. The SugarCube is designed to scan ear impressions and generate a 3 dimensional model that can be printed by any industry standard 3D printer.
Traditionally, after ear impressions are created, the audiologist will package and ship those impressions to an earpiece manufacturing facility. With the SugarCube scanner, shipping costs to mail the impressions are eliminated and manufacturing of the final molds can begin within minutes of those impressions being scanned.
SugarCube 3D scanners are incredibly easy to operate. An audiologist places the ear impression inside the SugarCube and selects “scan” inside the SoundFit software. After scanning a single impression or set of impressions, the audiologist fills out a brief digital order form and hits the “save” button to send both the scans and the order form to his earpiece manufacturing facility. Manufacturers download and print the final mold(s) on their 3D printer.
Scans from the SugarCube live in the cloud (inside Earchives™) and are available for future printing, if needed.






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